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Welcome to this Website dedicated to YSL Beauty in Indonesia, a trademark whose rights are held by PT L'Oreal Indonesia (hereinafter referred to as the "Website").

Please read the Terms of Use that govern the use of this Website carefully (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms of Use"). By using this Website, you have agreed to the Terms of Use without preconditions.

To submit an application related to the use of this Website, you can contact us at the following address:



Contact: E-mail: - Tel. 021-50986121




To access and use this Website, you must be an adult. If you are a minor, prior parental / guardian consent is required.

Access to this Website and / or certain parts may require the use of a password. If so, you have the freedom to determine the steps needed for the security of the code. You can change the code at any time. However, there are limits to the number of attempts to access this Website and / or certain sections to prevent fraud in using the code. Please inform us if you find any fraudulent use that you may know about. If there are violations of the rules in these Terms of Use, we reserve the right to terminate your access.

Additional costs for accessing and using the internet are borne by you.


a. Intellectual property rights

To develop this Website, a significant investment is needed. The Website and its constituent elements (such as brands, images, text, video, etc.) are protected by Intellectual Property Rights. The use, reproduction and representation of this Website (in whole or in part), on any media carried out for other purposes, including but not limited to commercial purposes, must be authorized.

We may be able to provide content that you can download through this Website (hereinafter referred to as "Downloadable Content"). For your personal use, we provide a fee and for the duration of the legal protection of Intellectual Property Rights based on the laws of the Republic of Indonesia, non-exclusive and non-transferable rights to use Downloadable Content. Reproduction, representation, modification or distribution of the Website is prohibited. By downloading or using Downloadable Content, you have agreed to use it in accordance with these Terms of Use.

In the event that we create a Website that allows you to change an image (especially to try cosmetics virtually), you hereby acknowledge and agree that the Website will only be used for your personal use in accordance with the purpose of this Website. You are not authorized to use this Website in a way that could reduce the honour, reputation or rights of the third parties described below.

b. Intellectual property rights

We may provide a space on the Website for user content, such as text, photos, videos, opinions, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "User Content").

By placing User Content through the Website, you give us the right (free from royalties, irrevocable, non-exclusive, valid throughout the world for the duration of the protection of intellectual property rights under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia) to reproduce, display, use, copy, modify, adapt, modify, distribute, translate, create derivative works on it, include it in other works, and distribute User Content (in whole or in part).

Such use must be approved for all internal or external purposes, corporate or financial communications, advertising, and for all public relations, historical purposes and related to archives, from PT Accomerce Solusi Lestari or its affiliates or parties that collaborate with it, especially in the following media :

  • Placement in any form, and in an unlimited number,
  • Written press, unlimited number of publications,
  • Publication, unlimited number of publications, especially publications whose purpose is related to internal communication, including salespeople and distribution networks (wholesalers, retailers, agents, etc.), events, leaflets for congresses, trade shows, booths; Business to Business communication, in the professional press, for an unlimited number of publications and / or quantities;
  • Electronic publication, information technology, digital, multimedia, internet and intranet, through any site (whatever the site and / or medium, including social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Dailymotion), unlimited number of inserts and broadcasts,
  • Through any advertising media (including advertising in retail stores and L’Oreal Group brand products (hereinafter referred to as "Media").

You hereby understand that the social network is a means owned by a third party, therefore, the distribution and use of User Content through the social network must comply with the terms of use determined by the third party concerned. We are therefore not responsible for the use of content by us or any third party based on the terms of use determined by the relevant social network, including without limitation, in terms of the scope and duration of the licensed rights, and the removal of content. You are responsible for handling third party claims relating to the use of the Content in accordance with the terms of use specified by the relevant social network.
In addition, we hereby remind you that Content may be referenced in a web search engine so that it can be accessed by parties outside the Website.

This agreement allows us to adapt your Content to its originality and / or provide an explanation of User Content that We find useful, as long as the User Content does not change your images or words.

Furthermore, the use of User Content can be accompanied by anonymous information such as your city, country or age, and / or, if you give explicit consent, information that allows identification of yourself such as your first name or alias.

The User Content that you can publish through this Website will be chosen by you and at your own responsibility. We want to remind you that User Content must not conflict with applicable regulations or moral standards accepted by the public, or this provision. Based on this, we reserve the right to delete such User Content at any time that does not comply with the Terms of Use, including the Code of Ethics.

In addition, if you access User Content created by other users, you must obey the rights of that user and specifically not reproduce or distribute the Content published through other media without the user's prior consent.


We support the values of tolerance and mutual respect. Therefore, by using this Website, you agree not to:

  • Make comments that contain racism, violence, xenophobia, crime, rudeness, obscenity, and lawlessness;
  • Disseminate content that is harmful, defamatory, disallowed, malicious or violates personal rights or publicity rights, incites violence, racial or ethnic hatred or indecency or incitement to commit certain crimes or violations;
  • Using the Website for political, propaganda or preaching purposes;
  • Publish content that advertises or promotes products and / or services that are competitors of brands displayed on the Website;
  • Misuse the use of the Website from the intended purpose, including using it as a dating service;
  • Disseminating information that can directly or indirectly provide a person's nominal and specific identification without explicit prior approval, such as last name, home address, e-mail address, telephone number;
  • Disseminating information or content that is inappropriate for children;
  • Intimidating or harassing others;
  • Carry out illegal activities, including actions that can violate the rights of others in or to a software, trademark, photos, images, writing, video, etc .;
  • Disseminate content (including photos and videos) that depict minors.

If you become aware of User Content that allows humanitarian crimes to occur, promotes hatred towards certain races / or violence, or is related to child pornography, you can immediately contact us at the following email stating the date you found the content in the email / letter, your identity, link, description of the content in dispute and user ID of the creator of the content.

If you consider that there is a User Content that violates the provisions described above, violates your rights or the rights of third parties (example: violation or insult to privacy), you can send a notification to the following email by stating the date You find the content, your identity, its link, a description of the content reported and the user ID of the creator of the content.

The notice referred to above must contain:

  • Date of notification;
  • If the sender is an individual: last name, first and middle name, occupation, address, nationality, place and date of birth of the sender;
  • The recipient's name and address, or if the recipient is a legal entity, the recipient's corporate name and registered office;
  • Description and specific location of reported facts (example: links to reported content;
  • Reasons why the content must be removed, and indications regarding legal provisions and qualifications (justifications) that apply to that fact;
  • A copy of the correspondence sent to the author or publisher of the information reported or the activity requesting interruption, deletion or alteration, or justification that the author or publisher cannot be contacted.


a. General Requirements

We hereby remind you that the information available on this Website may contain inaccuracies and omissions, mainly due to third parties. We hereby seek to eliminate these inaccuracies or to supplement certain information on this Website as soon as possible.

b. Advice and Diagnostic Tools

The advice provided on this Website and / or the diagnostic tools available are simulations intended to obtain expert cosmetic advice.
The information they convey only acts as a guide and is not used to replace medical diagnoses or clinical consultations, or is used as a substitute for medical care.
Based on this, we cannot guarantee your satisfaction with suggestions that result from the use of the equipment and are not responsible for your use.
For further information or if there is any doubt, we recommend consulting your doctor.

c. Hypertext Link

Hypertext links contained in the Website can take you to sites published by third parties with content that we cannot control. Therefore, to the hypertext link on the Website that aims to facilitate your browsing experience on the Internet, searching for third party sites is your own decision and responsibility.


We may collect your personal information, especially when you: (i) subscribe to a service; (ii) download Downloadable Content; (iii) login to the Website; (iv) purchase a product; (v) send e-mails to Us; (vi) respond to a vote or study.
Your personal information is recorded in a computer file by PT Accomerce Solusi Lestari and can be processed by parties who work with us.
In accordance with applicable rules and regulations, you have the right to access, correct and delete information relating to you. You can exercise this right at any time, after submitting a notice to us, by attaching a copy of your ID to the following address:
For more information about managing your personal information, please visit our privacy policy.


Cookies are small files that are left on your device when you browse the Website (such as the pages visited, the date and time of access, etc.) and which can be read whenever you access the same Website. (hereinafter referred to as "Cookies").


We may change the content and information contained in the Website and the Terms of Use, especially to comply with applicable rules and / or regulations and / or to improve the Website.
All changes will be notified to you through the Website before the changes occur based on the Terms of Use. Unless these changes require your direct approval, continuing your use of the Website is considered acceptance of the new Terms of Use.


We will do our best to maintain access to the Website and Uploadable Content at all times. However, we cannot guarantee the availability and permanent accessibility to the Website. Of course we may delay access to all parts of the Website, especially for technical maintenance purposes.

Hereby further determined that the Internet and information technology or telecommunications networks are not free from errors and interruptions or damage may occur. We cannot guarantee this and are not responsible for any losses related to the use of the Internet and information technology or telecommunications networks, which include and are not limited to:

  • Poor transmission and / or reception of files and / or information via the Internet;
  • External intrusion or computer viruses;
  • Reception equipment or communication network defects; and
  • Internet malfunctions that can hinder the operation of the Website.

Ultimately, our liability is limited to direct losses as long as they can be proven legally, do not cover any other losses or losses, indirect losses that are related, without limitation, loss of loss, income or good faith.


These Terms of Use are subject to the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.
If there are problems, please contact our customer service:

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